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Language Learning Via The Internet

The internet has provided people with ways to learn even the most remote and unknown languages.  Besides computer software like the popular Rosetta Stone and Rocket Language programs, there are also websites that allow you to have an online subscription in exchange for learning materials and access to a community that is also learning the same language as you.

LiveMocha is one of the most popular, and they also have the most extensive library of languages to learn.  Best of all?  It’s free.

The Livemocha community is made up of language enthusiasts: teachers, language experts, other language learners, and native speakers proud of their language and heritage.  Community members help each other learn in a myriad of ways: they leave comments in response to practice exercises, build mini-lessons within exercise feedback,  have practice conversations via text, video or audio chat,  provide language practice and culture tips, and give much-needed encouragement.

(From the LiveMocha Website).

If you’re definitely interested in learning a language online, we highly encourage you to ensure that your computer is protected from the baddies out there on the internet that would infect you with viruses, malware, and spyware.   There are many different programs that can protect you from these things.  The PC Dojo investigates the different programs that are available and has different blog entries and reviews on whether or not these programs are safe and/or worth your time and money.

Probably the best all around program that you can get is the Norton 360 antivirus software program.  It’s lightweight and won’t slow down your computer, and stops most infections before they have a chance to get on your PC in the first place.

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